Can you learn skiing only by reading a book on it or watching videos on YouTube? – No, you can’t! It´s the same when you are learning a new language: It requires a lot of practice and you will make mistakes, for sure.
To get this extra practice was one reason why we, the 4Ka, went to St. Johann im Pongau from the 14th to the 18th of May. Two native speakers from the UK helped us to improve our speaking skills and played various sports with us. At first we had some problems to understand them because of their different accents but after the first day this was no problem anymore.

One of the highlights was the sports lessons, which included playing volleyball and trying some of the typical English sports, such as cricket, rounders and touch rugby. To make the lessons even more amusing Josh, one of our teachers, invented some new challenges for us like “the floor is lava” while playing volleyball – we had to jump on something made of stone or wood then - or to propose to another classmate if we spoke German.

The indoor lessons were amusing and interesting, as well because we did a lot of team activities and games. It was quite cool when we were solving a murder mystery or devising our own shows. We didn’t only talk in English in the lessons but also in our free time. So with every day it was getting more normal to speak English. Some students even started dreaming and thinking in English.
When we look back at this week, we all agree that we have benefited a lot from this project because it helped us to get more comfortable at speaking English, to develop our range of vocabulary and to speak more fluently. And last, but not least the week was a lot of fun!
(4 Ka-Klasse: Gmeinbek Valerie, Kaineder Kristina, Lackner Hannah)

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